Test results

Getting your test results

The Practice adopts a ‘no news is good news’ approach in the communication of results.

This means that you won’t hear from us if the result is normal, but we will contact you by text, phone or letter if there is anything you need to know about.

Blood and urine tests are sent to the laboratory and should be arranged no later than 3.30pm each weekday. Results are available 48hours later, although some may take a week or more eg: vitamin levels and hormone assays. It is important that patients ring for their OWN results. This is to comply with Data Protection ruling on Patient Confidentiality.

The onus for obtaining results of any tests remains the responsibility of the patient. If any action arising from results of tests i.e. treatment or further tests, is necessary the patient will be contacted by the surgery.

If your test results show that you need more tests or treatment, we will contact you.

Once a doctor has reviewed your test results, you can view them:

  • in your NHS account (through the NHS website or NHS App)
  • in your Accurx account
  • phone or visit us between 12pm to 5pm and we will tell you what the results are

Xrays and Scans

These tests are performed at the hospital and it usually takes 14 – 21 days to receive results.

Cervical smears

These take longer to process however you will receive the result by post. For all other results you should contact the surgery reception. Results of tests performed at the surgery such as ECG’s or spirometry are available once the doctor has examined them.

Questions about your results

If you want to talk to someone about your results, fill out our test results request form and someone will be in touch.